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Trick or Treating Adult Style

One of the best cocktail parties I ever threw was co-hosted with three others in four locations. Perhaps you’ve already experienced a roaming cocktail party but if not, here’s how it works: reach out to your neighbors and to your … Continue reading

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Spider Egg Brew

Halloween is the perfect time to eliminate any pretense surrounding mixology and just have a bit of kid-like fun. This drink was created using blk black water, which may be quite shocking to see but it tastes no different than water. … Continue reading

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Halloween Cocktail: Skincrawler

This drink doesn’t have to be served in a skull cup, but when other than Halloween will you have a chance to use one? I purchased mine from Party City for $2.99 a piece. The Skyy should be easy to … Continue reading

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Bar Visit: Shangri-La | Santa Monica

Blood of Eden The Shangri-La Hotel is located on beautiful Ocean Avenue in the heart of Santa Monica. The building recently went through a much needed upgrade including an update of the rooftop bar, which is still, I’m happy to … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Ghost Goblet

The Ghost Goblet cocktail can be enjoyed year round but with Casper the Marshmallow, it’s perfect for Halloween. Ingredients3 ounces Cake Vodka (I used UV)2 ounces half & half1 cup vanilla ice cream1 cup ice1 Peeps marshmallow ghost garnish DirectionsBlend … Continue reading

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Halloween Party Cocktail Napkins

These are cocktail napkins that I just couldn’t pass up. The website is a great find too, filled with the unusual and unique: Halloween Asylum. No related posts.

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Wedding Sangria

Uncle Dan and Megan This past summer I was very flattered when my cousin, Megan, asked for a sangria recipe for her wedding. She planned to have the drink available right as guests were arriving instead of making people wait … Continue reading

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Manhattan Beach Book Signing

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Julie Fisher’s Great Article in MSN’s

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Mixology. Money & Memory Cards by Carl Grooms

Don’t miss Carl Groom’s review of our book on his fabulous website, Coastlines & Tan Lines. Please leave a comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts! No related posts.

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Product Spotlight: Refine Mixers Margarita Mix

Photo by Gamma Nine Making  your own sweet and sour is ideal. But let’s face it: who wants to? Especially when there are so many good ready made mixes available. Although I’m fairly certain I’ve found the perfect store-bought mix … Continue reading

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Candy Corn Martini

If you’re a die hard candy corn fan like me, this drink is just for you. You’ll want to plan ahead for this cocktail because it takes a little while for the candy corn to dissolve. But overall it’s super … Continue reading

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This Girl’s HOT PICK of the WEEK

The Santa Barbara Sunset Wine Cooler with a Thermal Shield. I love that is doesn’t look like a traditional wine basket. If you’re planning an after work picnic or a romantic afternoon surprise, this bag is so discreet that you … Continue reading

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