How to Make a Rusty Nail Cocktail

You’ve probably heard of Drambuie, and may have even spotted it at your local watering hole, but I’m going to bet there’s a strong chance that you’ve never tried it.

What is Drambuie exactly? It’s a flavorful liqueur with a Scotch whisky base that basically tastes like honey. It’s deeeeelicious. Unfortunately for the distributors of this mixer, it’s only really used in a classic Rusty Nail cocktail recipe. The last bar I worked at had the SAME BOTTLE for FOUR YEARS. I wish more people knew how good it is simply served over a few ice cubes. Its comeback would be huge!

The good news for the more adventurous drinkers who don’t want to commit to spending $30.00 on a bottle that may end up collecting dust at the back of their home bar is that you can find a 350 mL bottle for about $18.00 and in some mom & pop liquor stores, you can grab a mini for $5.00.

→ Watch our YouTube video and learn how to make a Rusty Nail tonight!

Rusty Nail Cocktail Recipe
1.5 – 2 ounces Scotch Whisky
½ – 1 ounce Drambuie

Combine the ingredients in a lowball over ice. Stir and serve!

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2 Responses to How to Make a Rusty Nail Cocktail

  1. Elaine Williams says:

    I knew a woman about 30+ years ago, she was probably in her mid 40’s at the time. She drank Drambuie with milk! Go figure

    • This Girl says:

      Sounds kinda of good actually! 😉 And I think we’ll have to try it now for sure!! Thanks, Elaine!

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