Cinco De Mayo Cocktails with Mint & Jalapeño

There have never been so many incredible tequila options as there are now and we’re loving it. And with tequila options come Margarita options, just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

This recipe is truly tasty whether it’s on the rocks or strained into a martini glass. Need help making it into a giant batch? Email us or find us on Instagram. Cheers!

Mint Jalapeño Margarita
2 ounces añejo
½ ounce orange juice
½ ounce Grand Marnier
3 ounces homemade sweet & sour
1 slice jalapeño
1 sprig mint

Muddle the jalapeño and the mint in the añejo until the mint starts to break apart. Strain the liquid into a martini shaker that’s filled with ice. Add the orange juice, Grand Marnier, and homemade sweet & sour and shake well. Rim your glass with salt, fill with ice, and pour the Margarita over the ice. Serve and enjoy!

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