Tell It Tuesdays: Santa Monica Restaurant Review

Restaurant: La Grande Orange
Location: 2000 Main Street
                Santa Monica, CA
Drink Damage: Margarita $11 / Bottle of Justin | Paso Robles, California $49
Interior Swag: Nice decor but the acoustics are rough and they really pack those tables in. Great when you want to hear another party's conversation, not so great if you want some privacy.
Service: Unfortunately we didn't get to sit at the bar but our table server was lovely. She was attentive but didn't helicopter, bubbly but genuine, and dressed in the same shirt as me. What's not to love?
Food: The nacho app was so good our party of six devoured it in seconds. Everyone enjoyed their meal though my ahi burger wasn't cooked to my requested temp and seemed unusually mushy. Didn't feel well the rest of the night though it could also have been because I ate every last herb-tossed French fry on my plate.
Go-Back-Again-Ness: Not at the top of my list

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