Thirsty Thursday: Tequila Sunrise

There is a reason for the name. This drink is enjoyable any time of day, perfect for a Sunday brunch or a brutal hangover. It's also simple to make. Fresh oranges or orange juice makes the best drink, or try tangerine juice for an even sweeter variation.

2 ounces tequila
2 ounces orange juice
1 tablespoon grenadine

Step 1: Pack the glass with ice

Step 2: Free-pour or measure two ounces of silver or gold tequila

Step 3: Hand squeeze six oranges or measure and pour 2-3 ounces of fresh orange juice

Step 4: Drizzle about a table spoon of grenadine or cheery juice into the glass

Step 5: Switch all the ingredients into a shaker and toss together
Step 6: Pour the drink and ice back into the glass

Optional: Garnish with orange slice or twist

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