Wednesday Gadget Gab

Gadget: Vinturi Wine Aerator
Price: $40

This holiday season I purchased my first little Vinturi wine aerator. Attracted by its promises of 'opening' up my wine, I was eager to try it on our home collection. Decanters are the traditional wine aerators and gorgeous table accessories, but they are not always practical when the evening involves takeout and an episode of "Mad Men."

This contraption comes with a filter for sedament and a tiny stand, and makes a wonderfully productive whizzing noise as the wine passes through the aerator and into your glass. It's easy to wash and is made of a thick unbreakable plastic.

Although I was skeptical at first, my husband and I had fun with a few before and after taste tests. We opened both a lower end and higher end bottle of merlot for the experiment. I can honestly say that the better tasting wine had passed through the magic Vinturi.

Available at, Sur La Table, or your local culinary store.

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