Tell It Tuesdays: Jim's Steaks | Philadelphia

Restaurant: Jim's Steaks

Location:  400 South Street
                    Philadelphia, PA 19147
                    (215) 928-1911
Drink Damage:  Diet Coke | $1  *MYOC (Make-Your-Own-Cocktail: At several liquor stores along the street you can pick up a small $3 bottle of your choice of the hard stuff. This Girl prefers Jack Daniels and a Diet Coke for her Philly Cheese Steak)
Interior Swag: Bare bones, but the swag is in the open kitchen! As you stand in the long line you can watch just how perfectly these guys put together the famous sandwiches. Very clean kitchen with fresh ingredients. 
Service: This staff was working hard but never lost their smiles and friendly attitudes (despite what we had heard about their no-nonsense demeanor). 
Food & Drink: As I mentioned earlier, there aren't any cocktails but you can get a beer if you don't want to MYOC. The cheese steak? Amazing. Ordered my steak with onions, peppers, and Velveeta cheese. Couldn't finish the whole thing and wished I could!
Go-Back-Again-Ness: Next time I'm in Philly it's going to be one of my first stops!

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