Thirsty Thursday: The Skinny Cocktail

Not long after hearing an NPR story about the lowest calorie cocktails, an acquaintance of Jennifer Aniston's chef confirmed the skinniest of them all: silver tequila with lime. At about 97 calories for an ounce and a half, this mildly sweet drink is simple to make and practically guilt-free. In college I had a friend in the costume department who interned on "Friends" and helped to tailor Ms. Aniston's clothing. Back then she was a size 2. Now it's hard to imagine her filling out a zero. So if this is her cocktail of choice, it must be kind to the figure.

1.5 ounces silver tequila, chilled
1 squeeze of lime juice

Step 1: Store tequila in the freezer before use, or measure out your shot and chill it while you slice limes. Don't shake the tequila with ice to chill it- you'll wreck the purity
Step 2: Pour the tequila into a shot glass and squeeze in a plump wedge of lime
Step 3: Shoot it or sip it, just don't let it get warm!

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