Trinket Tuesday: Wine Tags

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Fred, a company that creates all kinds of trinkets for the wine and spirits consumer. I picked this one up after washing my metal glass charms in the dishwasher too many times. Yes, those fancy charms are easy to take off but once in a while laziness gets the better of me and I just stick them in the machine. Sadly, rusty miniature corkscrews aren't as cute as one may think.

Fred's rubber "charms" are good in that they won't rust, bend out of shape, or be confused for earrings as the night wears on. However, I'd rate the assembly as moderate to expert if you've had a few. The opening to slide the tag through is narrow and sticky, requiring steady hands so as not to shatter your wine glass while trying to protect it from those who try to claim the glass as theirs. So do yourself and your guests a favor and attach the bands before you open any wine.

And of course, lines like, "quietly dignified," "mild yet not bland," and "fruity, firm & well-packed" are great ice breakers, or conversation openers for the aspiring oenologist.

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