Non-Fiction Friday: Drink Demo Thing

Prepare for the unexpected. That's what comes to mind when I think back to my drink demo last week. It was the night of the cookbook photo shoot (remember I said I'd be tweeting all those photos and then those dang Santa Monica mountains got in the way?). Four of my original drinks were being photographed along with the food dishes created by other people. One of the people organizing the event thought it would be fun for me to do a drink demo after the shoot was over. And I, always looking for an opportunity to plug our book (see?) thought it was a great idea too.

Then, at the last minute, my location switched from one of the most beautiful home bars I've ever seen to one of the most beautiful jacuzzi steps I've ever sat on. This brings me back to the prepare part, because I've never practiced making a drink on my lap before. Here's what I did wrong along the way:

1. I forgot the shaker in the house. Someone had to get it for me.
2. The soda water exploded all over the patio. Should have opened it earlier.
3. I started to shake ALL the ingredients in the shaker. More explosions.
4. I forgot the high ball in the house. Someone had to get it.
5. The lime was so dried out I would have squeezed blood out of my hand sooner than a drop of lime juice.

Look. I'm not going to take myself too seriously here. I was making a drink, not saving the world (I'm watching Mega Mind right now). But, as I venture out a little more with promos for This Girl Walks Into a Bar, I should probably well, expect the unexpected.

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