Tell It Tuesdays: Campanile | Los Angeles

Restaurant: Campanile 

                   624 South La Brea Avenue
                   Los Angeles, CA 90036

Drink Damage: Palmina Tocai Friuliano, Santa Barbara 2009 | $13/$52

Interior Swag: There's no question that the restaurant is beautiful. The bar is long, and the dining room is composed of a great room and smaller adjoining rooms. An element of old Hollywood is clearly evident and if you talk to the owner Mark Peel there's even a great story about how Lolita got her name.

Service: This is complicated. I liked that the bartender refilled my half empty chardonnay without my having to ask. But it was all downhill from there. 

The owner, Mark Peel, came over to us and quite proudly announced that the menu will change every night. I ordered the Seafood Stew ($18) which was described like this: shrimp, halibut, snapper, cipollini, onions, fava beans, lobster sauce. Sounds great, right?  Then it arrived with clams and muscles. The menu had not been updated. 

I refused it and declined their offer to make a new dish. It took forever to prepare this stew the first time and my friends and family were finished with their meal. However, the bartender kept asking me over and over and over again if I was SURE I didn't want something else. It was exhausting.

Food and Drink: Bread, butter, and a glass of wine. Can I even write this review? 

Go-Back-Again-Ness: No way. To top it all off, one creepy old guy (who sits at the end by the windows almost every Saturday night) even stopped by on his way out to say to me, "You know why they gave you muscles? Because you've been a bad little girl." Um, gross. Lucky for me there are hundreds of restaurants in this town that are better than this one.

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