Tell It Tuesdays: Dry Bar | Los Angeles

          Salon: drybar
          11677 San Vicente Blvd.
          Los Angeles, CA 90049

          Drink Damage: Mimosa | Free
                                                                             Blow out | $35

Interior Swag: Spell saloon, take away an o, and you've got hottest new place to have a drink and have your hair done at the same time. Cameron Webb is "the creative mind behind Drybar's branding and identity" according to the website, and let's just say this guy is spot on. The decor is sophisticated and feminine without being pretentious or too girly. Lots of gossip and fashion magazines are spread out on the counters, and hair products for purchase line the walls, yet the joint remains elegant and clutter-free.

Bwood2Service: My stylist was so bubbly and extremely friendly. The look I wanted wasn't represented on their menu, so just like a mixologist, she created an original on the spot to satisfy my request.

Food and Drinks: My appointment was at 8:15 in the morning, so I passed on purchasing the cute little bags of dried mixed fruit, salted sunflower seeds, and chocolate covered pretzels. But when it came to the mimosa, I just had to accept. After my amazing 10 minute scalp massage I already felt like a million bucks, so drinking a glass of champagne only completed my fantasy of living a life of luxury.

themenuGo-Back-Again-Ness: There isn't a bar in town where I leave looking better than when I arrive. I'll definitely become a regular at this chain. I was in and out in 45 minutes and treated like a VIP from the moment I walked in. Alli Webb and company are onto something big here and I hope they call when it's time to create the original drybar cocktail.

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