Tell It Tuesdays: Lilly's | Venice

Find Lilly's French Cafe & BarRestaurant: Lilly's French Cafe & Bar
1031 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

Drink Damage:
Jameson | $10
Patron Silver | $10
Aquinas Pinot Noir | $10
Sierra Nevada | $5.50
Fat Tire | $5.50

Interior Swag: No swag. Simple. Wood floors. Wood tables and chairs. Minimal decor.

Service: Excellent. Our waitress was wonderful (and another waiter...more on that below).

Food & Drink: I had the broccoli soup and cheese plate. Absolutely wonderful food. The rest of our party ordered Salmon, muscles, onion soup, burgers, beef stew, beef tartar, and everyone was happy.

My only complaint revolves around my drink, and my guess is that the bartender was new at her job. I ordered a Patron Silver neat. My cousin ordered a Jameson on the rocks. My glass contained the smallest pour I've ever seen in my life. My cousin's glass, which was the same size as mine, was filled to the top. Here's the problem. There should be no difference portion wise, between a drink that's ordered neat and a drink on the rocks. Take out the ice of one drink and the liquid levels should be the same.

I called a waiter over to ask him about the difference (I'm turning into such a drink diva). He agreed with me that something was wrong and offered to bring me another drink. I refused, not wanting to be the prima dona that I probably am possibly turning into. A few minutes later, the waiter showed up with another Patron Silver neat. The pour was clearly made using a jigger one again, but you can't win them all.

Go-Back-Again-Ness: Sure. I'll just order a Jameson on the rocks next time.

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