Thirsty Thursday: Sangria | Red

To me warm weather means sipping chilled wine. But it doesn't have to mean white wine. The red wine sangria is so satisfying, mouth-watering, and pleasing to look at that it's worth the little effort it takes to make. The best part is that if refrigerated, it lasts up to a week, giving you a great reason for back-to-back parties.

Ingredients (serves 30-40) 
6 bottles of red wine
1 bottle of brandy
1/2 bottle of triple sec
1 cup of sugar (add more as needed)
6 apples
6 lemons
6 limes
6 oranges

Step 1: Slice all the fruit and put into a large beverage jar or drink cooler
Step 2: Pour in the wine, brandy, and triple sec
Step 3: Add the first cup of sugar and stir the mixture well
Step 4: Refrigerate the sangria for a few hours, then taste. Add sugar as needed.
Step 5: Keep refrigerated until your guests arrive (24 hours is ideal)
Step 6: Serve in a glass pitcher that reveals the fruit. If refrigerated, the sangria will last up to a week.

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