This Girl's Book Club: My Malibu Death

BOOK: My Malibu Death by Amy Weitman

SPIRIT: Stiletto Vodka

The central character in Weitman's book is Deborah, a woman who seemingly has it all but who feels empty and lost.  Deborah resides in one of the wealthiest parts of Southern California and is living the dream most women only fantasize about: beach house, rich husband, expensive clothes, and no need to work. But she is not caught up in any of it and instead feels almost burdened by the luxury. And with no career and no kids, she has too much time to think about how unhappy she is.

Despite our introduction to the heaviness of Deborah's world, Weitman manages to keep the story moving. We're routing for Deborah from the first page and hope that the other characters she meets during her journey to self-discovery help her and don't hurt her. She's a character you feel like you know... maybe your neighbor, or your best friend, or even yourself.

With a little bit of romance, a tad of suspense, and several moments when you pray the story will end well, it's a great book that is sure to please everyone.

Oh, and the vodka drinks I'd suggest for your book club party are: Sex on the Beach, Sea Breeze, and Salty Dog. Happy book clubbing!

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