This Girl's Book Club: Little Black Book...

This book is a must-have for your next book club assignment. It's honest, hilarious, well-written, and just plain fun. But I also think it's a book that could foster a lot of discussion between friends about relationships. And by the way,  it's not just for the single girl who is looking for that perfect guy. A lot of married women might also benefit from some of the authors' tips and red flags. You might have a friend or a relative who is in a committed relationship but who is in denial about how she's being treated. This book could be a platform for women to share their own stories and gently address the issues of others. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments but enough personal stories to make this book a little gem for every bookshelf.The wine is a light Pinot Grigio with hints of apple, pear, and some citrus. Chill it well before your party and serve with  fruit, creamy cheeses, and thin buttery crackers.

Book available now at Amazon.

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