Tell It Tuesdays: Shutters Hotel | Santa Monica

Shutters Beach Hotel
1 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Let's look at numbers 1-8 and for this review. I think you'll know where I stand.

1. I crossed out the server's name. I'd give the service a D-.

2. The cucumber splash cocktail looked so promising on the menu but the vodka was completely overwhelmed by flavored syrups. And when serving a drink in a small champagne glass straight out of The Great Gatsby, you can't float a cucumber garnish big enough for a veggie platter.

3. Mozz D' Buffa... I think they shortened the name on this app because it was short on flavor. The toasted bread was burnt on the edges, the pesto was bland, and the mozzarella was as good as a slice of Elmer's Glue.

4. I've got no problem with a 16 buck burger, but it better be damn good. When the bun scrapes off the roof of my mouth, it's not a good start. One kernel of Gruyere cheese is not enough to even mention that it's part of the burger. And if someone orders their burger medium plus, and you don't know what it means, ask me, or the chef, or the doorman.

5. When you make a request for a variation of something on the menu, I guess this is what happens.

6. The third member of our party was only charged for one glass of Kistler and the second glass came as a freebie from the waitress. Yes, the other wine glasses on the table were empty too.

7. When I asked for the house Champagne, the waitress told me there is no house Champagne. Honey, there's always a house.

8. $211.69 is a lot for what we got. At least the view didn't let us down.

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