Thirsty Thursday: Porch Bubbles

Briana Guy and Crystal Guy are two young entrepreneurial sisters who are baking up a cupcake storm in Michigan with their company Michigan Cupcakes. Soon after we met I learned that Briana had invented her own brilliant cocktail appropriately named Porch Bubbles. The following is Briana's story of how this original drink came to be.

It was a beautiful Michigan, spring day when the cocktail Gods decided to shine down on me with my drink creation. I was particularly excited to get my baking for the day started because someone had ordered a dozen of our Champagne cupcakes with Pink Champagne Frosting. For me, this means I get to take the leftover champagne and make a Mimosa (naturally). 

I got busy with my sifting, mixing, baking, frosting and decorating. About 30 minutes later, as I was looking down on the pretty pink dozen of Champagne cupcakes, I thought to myself, “now for the good part.” I grabbed my favorite wine glass out of the cupboard, poured it half full with my remaining champagne, and headed to the fridge for the Orange Juice.  I opened the refrigerator door and my eyes began frantically searching the shelves for that orange gallon of Vitamin C. The sadness started to set in as I realized my searching was hopeless.  I sighed, disappointed as I closed the refrigerator door.

I turned to my glass of champagne with my hands on my hips and thought how unnatural it would be to drink a plain glass of champagne at 3pm, alone, with nothing to celebrate. I decided there had to be a way to lift my spirits (both literally and figuratively).  I went back to the fridge to explore some options. Milk? Yuck. Soda? Barf.  Iced Tea? Eh…might be weird, never tried it before, but it’s my best approach.  I filled the rest of my glass with the freshly brewed Iced Tea and took a sip. As the quenching and refreshing, yet lightly bubbly concoction slid down my throat, I was a happy girl.

I have since titled the cocktail “Porch Bubbles.” It’s a great drink for warm, summer days. Just like Iced Tea, but with a little extra, bubbly oompf. Additionally, since Iced Tea and Champagne both go well with tart fruits, I have paired my Porch Bubbles cocktail with my Cherry Cupcake! I think I’ll be serving Porch Bubbles and Cherry Cupcakes all summer long!

Visit Briana and Crystal's website at and follow them on Instagram @Bri_At_Hart.

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