Gadget Wednesday: Sur La Table Sale

Thanks to online shopping you do not need to live near a Sur la Table to take advantage of their little barware sale that is happening right now. I've picked out a few of my favorite items which I suggest you scoop up before your neighbor does (I'm competitive like that).

Beverage Jar As most of you know, I love making sangria. It's one of those recipes that's hard to ruin, allowing you to get as creative with the ingredients (and their shapes) as you want. This beverage jar is so classic and timeless that you'll have it forever. And the cute little sign will save you the trouble of repeating the ingredients all night long.

Plastic Cups Why bring a tacky red plastic cup down to the pool when you can bring these classy shatter-proof BPA-free high balls? For those of you who are still catching up on your green vocab, BPA is short for Bisphenol-A, a dangerous chemical found in way too many household products to list here. No one deserves a cocktail with a splash of toxins, so load up on these cups to drink in health and in style.

Carafes Wine carafes aerate the wine while dressing up even the most casual of picnic tables. Pick up a set for your own home and an extra order for the next hostess or house-warming gift. I feel like this is an item that people don't usually buy for themselves, making it a gift they will truly enjoy.

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