This Girl's Book Club: Through Eyes Like Mine

BOOK: Through Eyes Like Mine by Noriko Nakada

WINE: Cloudline Oregon Pinot Noir 2008

Through Eyes Like Mine is a beautifully written memoir narrated from the perspective of Ms. Nakada as a child growing up in Bend, Oregon. Born to a Japanese father and an Anglo mother, Nakada observes her world through a slightly different lens than the other neighborhood kids. Her life is punctuated from an early age with the adoption of her brother, the death of a friend from school, and the strains her parents feel while trying to make ends meet and provide for four children.

Nakada's writing is loaded with such wonderful imagery that each chapter, or vignette rather, engulfs the reader, making it feel as if you are standing right beside her, experiencing exactly what she does. Through Eyes Like Mine definitely transports one to another place and at the end leaves you wanting to tag along for a little more of Nakada's journey.

Perfect to drink with Nakada's book is a Cloudline Oregon Pinot Noir. I absolutely loved this wine and would venture to say that it will compliment a lot more than a good book. Described as a "deep ruby red...with a delightful core of cherries and red fruits," it satisfies the palate in a variety of ways.

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