BlogHer 2011 Purse Packing

I'm packing light for BlogHer. The only things going into my purse are the things my iPhone cannot provide. Yet. If I'm missing something important, let me know. Preparation is key.

1. Sara Happ Lip Slip This is the gloss that I will not leave home without. It looks good on my bare lips or over a thin layer of lip stick. It also seems to add a little fullness in an all natural kinda way.

2. Starbucks Via I drink a hot cup of Via extra bold French Roast in the morning and an iced glass of caramel coffee in the afternoon. It's SO yummy.

3. Lifesaver Breath Mints For all that coffee drinking.

4. Goody Ponytail Holder Almost as important as a brassiere.

5. Yes to Carrots This is a body cream but I use it on my face midday to moisturize and rejuvenate my skin. Wait...that sounded like an ad. But check out their company because every cream I've tried I've loved.

6. Business Cards Duh

7. iPhone Note taking, texting, tweeting, emailing, Angry Birding

8. Maker's Mark Look. I wrote a book about bartending and home mixology. I never know when I'll have to prove my merits. And a mini Maker's bottle is just so cute.

9. Safety Pin Emergency wardrobe malfunction rescuer, eyelash separater, makeshift cocktail toothpick.

10. Pen and Rhodia Notepad If for some reason my iPhone should run out of power, I have back up. Also good for note passing, doodling, and gum wrapping.

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