Product Spotlight: Qream

Qream was named for the royalty in all of us ladies and the taste lives up to its namesake. Rich, creamy, and extremely flavorful, Qream is the perfect after dinner drink or girl's weekend cocktail. Available in sweet peach or strawberry, it's delicious over ice or mixed with vodka or rum.

What stands out about this particular product is the lovely glass bottle it is served in. You will probably want to hang on to this feminine vessel long after it's empty (though a glass top would be my choice).

It doesn't come as a surprise that this new liqueur was created by Diageo and Grammy Award-winning artist Pharrel. Diageo's Baileys liqueur has been a hit for decades, defining the ready-to-serve dessert drink. Pharrel's involvement adds a sensual element and makes the post-dinner cocktail relevant to a younger generation.

In my opinion, Qream is must-have for the bar of the modern hostess. I'm a firm believer in being prepared for those last minute cocktail parties and this cocktail fits the bill. It requires no mixing, measuring, or muddling,  and despite the size of the pour, turns out perfect with each serving.

Surprise your friends and satisfy their sweet tooth with this delicious, decadent new liqueur.

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