Tell It Tuesdays: Indigo Grill | San Diego

Restaurant: Indigo Grill
1536 India Street
San Diego, CA 90272

Interior Swag: Corvette Diner was my favorite spot as a kid, so I had a feeling going into this place that I wouldn't be let down by the decor. Beautiful tiles and textiles cover the restaurant from wall to wall creating a comfortable environment. Gorgeous bar.

indigogrill_thumb.jpgDrink: The Mezcal Flight, a sampler of three tequilas for $14, reintroduced me to anejo tequila. I've been stuck on silver for way too long and had found a new favorite for my margaritas. Thanks Amy for taking the initiative and ordering that for me!

Service: Our server was delightful. He had possibly the best timing I've experienced, always appearing at the most appropriate times.

Food: Give me a slate of baked Brie covered in flaky dough and I'm the happiest woman around. Add a plate of nachos to the table coated with cheese, blacks beans and jalapenos and it's over.

Go-Back-Again-Ness: I cannot wait to go back! Maybe even this weekend actually. Love it!!

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