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"This Girl Walks Into A Bar" Giveaway!

We just gave away two gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer outfits (see that post here!)  
And now we're giving away a fabulously fun book called 
This Girl Walks Into A Bar by sisters Jordan Catapano & 
Jocelyn Dunn Muhlbach. This book is not only high-larious, but it's also 
a great guide for anyone who wants to become a professional bartender!  
Our favorite part is the chapter called, "Dealing With Drunks" where they
talk about their own experiences dealing with 
UN-Fashionably Bombed patrons...

To enter, simply follow us and the authors on Twitter and tweet this:
"The @FBombedGirls are giving away a fabulous bartending book called 

This Girl Walks Into A Bar (@GirlWalksIn2Bar) and I MUST win it!"

Entries must be posted by Monday, September 19th at 9am PST*.  

One winner will be chosen at random.

{*Winners will be contacted once comments close and announced 

on September 19th. Good luck!}

PS: You can buy the book here if you just can't wait!

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