Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh

Jocelyn enjoys and Iron City

Seconds after tweeting, "I'm in Pittsburgh," the dining recommendations came flowing in. Normally I would have looked into each suggestion carefully, reviewing the menu online, the customer comments, the cocktail menu, the decor, and the location. But for the first time, the meal that everyone told me I HAD to experience was the same: Primanti Brothers.

@DrncPno said, "Primanti Bros. is a place 2 go to discover the authentic 'burgh. Sandwiches are a meal on a bun."

@cliffordbrown3 said, "Primanti's is a tradition you must experience when in da 'burgh."

@Cat_Pylant said, "So, so jealous- as everyone has advised Primanti's is a MUST!"

My family and I took a brisk walk from downtown into The Strip to find this place. We wanted to eat at the original joint to immerse ourselves in an authentic experience. I knew absolutely nothing about the eatery but based on the referrals, I wanted to do it the right way.

Due to jet-lag we were hungry for lunch at 11:30 a.m., which meant that the line was only 10 deep and fast moving, thanks to a friendly but no nonsense host. We were seated in the second room, right next to the bar (they must have heard I was coming), and just below a flat screen TV broadcasting the Pittsburgh Panthers in the process of winning.

Pastrami Sandwich

When you're hungry, every single item on the menu looks a-mazing, so choosing was not easy. I finally settled on a pastrami sandwich, a side of fries, a large pickle, and an Iron City beer.

The meal was sensational. A perfect balance of meat, coleslaw, fries, and sauce served on a sheet of paper. And even though I was stuffed after the first half of the sandwich, there was no chance I was leaving any of it behind.

Primanti Brothers has zero reason to ever change a single thing about this place. Just promise me you'll never expand to California. It just wouldn't be the same.

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