Tell It Tuesdays: Craft and Commerce

675 W. Beech Street

We got there early enough to grab a bar stool which felt extremely lucky, as this spot got crowded quickly. Sitting at the bar and being up close and personal with the bar crew, outfitted in suspenders and caps from the Prohibition era, was part of the fun. Those guys take mixology seriously, pouring a multitude of liquids into one drink and shaking the baJesus out of it. 
My friend dined on the muscles and fries, and opted for a drink called the Wimbledon with egg whites and Pernod. I started with a jalpeno tequila cocktail and ended with a more traditional Margarita, the latter more impressive in terms of taste.
The open air aspect of the bar makes it the perfect place for an end of summer drink, and the lively, young atmosphere will keep this place hopping for months. Good thing Prohibition is over for this ex-speakeasy. It's hard to keep a good thing a secret.

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