Bar Visit: Shangri-La | Santa Monica

Blood of Eden

The Shangri-La Hotel is located on beautiful Ocean Avenue in the heart of Santa Monica. The building recently went through a much needed upgrade including an update of the rooftop bar, which is still, I'm happy to say, a well kept secret. With large windows that open to the ocean, there's a strong breeze that constantly pushes in, filling the room with fresh sea air.

I recently met up with two dear friends for a drink. It was our second time there together...we all love a spot without a crowd. My girlfriends were drinking wine already when I arrived so I quickly chose a cocktail called the Blood of Eden. It's $12 and made with Pearl of Pomegranate, West Indian Orange Bitters, Blood Orange Soda, and lemon.

Jordan, Maryann, & Jenn

The view was spectacular, but the drink was mediocre. I'm finding that in the quest to provide original cocktails bars aren't necessarily hitting home runs. Is it the measurements of the ingredients? The bartender's execution? The quality of the alcohol? I'm not exactly sure. I'll stop by this Santa Monica gem again, order the Cucumber Gimlet, and hope that it's more impressive than my previous choices.

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