Trick or Treating Adult Style

One of the best cocktail parties I ever threw was co-hosted with three others in four locations. Perhaps you've already experienced a roaming cocktail party but if not, here's how it works:

  • reach out to your neighbors and to your friends who live within walking distance and suggest having a joint cocktail party.
  • select a convenient date for your event, preferably on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • decide on a theme for your drinks such as spiced rum cocktails, tropical drinks, holiday cocktails, skinny drinks, etc.
  • plan out an appetizer menu so that each home isn't serving pigs-in-a-blanket.
  • ideally you'll want about 45 minutes in each home, plus travel time. It goes by FAST, so start early with a happy hour kick off time. People will need a lot of encouragement to leave the first spot but by the second home they'll get the hang of it.
  • send your invitations out with a reminder to wear comfortable shoes (I know, it sounds so old, doesn't it?
  • keep the prep work super simple. The host for the next party may want to leave a few minutes early to get those appetizers heated, but don't go crazy with the cooking.
  • stay behind at your own home long enough to quickly clean up. It's no fun coming home to a pigsty at the end of a fun night.
  • the first host will get a plethora of hostess gifts: wine bottles, six packs, and spirits. Be sure to spread the wealth with your other hosts.
  • take lots of photos! It's a guaranteed good time that you'll want to remember. 

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