High Stakes Competition

When I'm presented with a challenge, even a challenge that involves glue sticks, small paper squares, tape, and wine bottles, I rise to the occasion.  So when someone recently inquired whether I'd be participating in the Jordan Winery photo competition, my response was, "damn straight I am." Until that moment I hadn't even heard about the contest but being slightly competitive (understatement), I wanted in.

The competition ends November 30th and I'm determined win it. All you professional photographers, photo stagers, and photoshop wizards might as well just give up now, because I have strategically planned out my photo, organized my supplies, and even selected a caption. You heard me people. A caption.

My only fear is that I've dreamt up such an overly-ambitions, labor-intensive, elaborate display that it may turn out like that horrific science project I created in seventh grade. It was the solar system made of paper mache covered balloons that looked so different in my head. Will my vision be realized this time?

I'll start assembling the arrangement this weekend to meet my deadline. Of course, I am predicting a few obstacles and may require moral support or a few extra hands or even some additional bottles of Jordan (cab please) to really pull this off. So get ready to rally. And to cut, tape, glue, and drink wine.

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