My Productive Surfless Saturday

The warm weather is here again and the collective giddiness that surfaces around my neighborhood during a summer day in November is contagious. Even at the crack of dawn people were out walking, running, gardening, and of course surfing.

When I pulled back into our garage it was that last group of early risers that inspired me to finally tackle a project I'd put off forever: relocating a surfboard. Storing it with the others in the rafters after hitting the waves only to take it down again every two weeks is just silliness.

I tied my hair up, located the 5/16 drill bit, charged up the Makita, dusted off the hooks I bought ages ago for this assignment, and got to work. It took ten minutes. I didn't even break one speck of sweat. But that's okay because that project led to another which led to another which went on and on until I realized lunch time had come and gone. Finally around 2:00 I threw together a sandwich and with a nice cold beer enjoyed the results of my wave of productivity.

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