Steps to Planning a Book Signing

This evening we will have our book signing in a real bookstore instead of a bar. A beautiful, independently owned bookstore (by three women!), tucked in the heart of Manhattan Beach.

Because we've produced a cocktail book, we decided that we must serve cocktails at our event...not just the ol' wine and cheese deal (though we will have a plethora of that too). This adds a layer of planning since this is, once again, a bookstore, and not a bar.

Personally making drinks for the crowd was ruled out after my live-on-television experiences. When I've got my bartending hat on, I'll swing drinks. When I've got my author hat on, chopping, muddling, mixing and straining just doesn't go with my outfit.

We've planned a really fun evening for tonight, and here are the steps that went into it:

  • Wrote the book. Duh.
  • Got it published. Think 3 years. 
  • Spread the news to the world via the blog, twitter, facebook, and press releases
  • Relied on the creativity of PR wizards like @gypsywing and @reganaphillips to reach a bigger audience.
  • Developed relationships with the bookstores that carry our book and suggested putting together a book signing and/or a reading (who can say no when YOU offer to do all the work?).
  • Picked a date and a convenient time for fans and for the book store owners. 
  • Sent out pingg and facebook invitations to everyone we knew. Or at least liked.
  • Planned out the logistics of the night, like when I'd read, sign, and drink. 
  • Assigned someone to take photos and videos. (OK that position is still open. Mom? Dad?)
  • Worked out the drink we'd be serving. Something fall-y, something strong-ish, something easy enough for guests to make at home.
  • Decided how to handle selling out of books when thousands and thousands of people come to buy  multiple copies.
  • Designed two original drinks with printed recipes for the guests (the Apple Pie Martini and the Pumpkin Daiquiri).
  • Planned what to wear. I still have no idea what to wear but if I put it into a bullet point I know I'm a step closer to figuring it out.
Come to Pages tonight if you are in Manhattan Beach! We've love to see you.
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