This Girl's Book Club: Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen

Book: Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen

Joey Perrone, the protagonist of this book is one bad-ass woman and not in a cape and invisible airplane kind of way. She's tough, sassy, unbelievably determined to make a wrong right, and full of wit.
All the action starts on the first page of this book and I'm hesitant to even tell you what happens but since it's mentioned on the back book cover, I'll mention it here too. {spoiler alert} Joey is deliberately thrown overboard on giant cruise ship by her husband while on a love cruise celebrating their anniversary. He of course never imagines that she'll actually survive the fall, the waves, the cold, and the sharks, but as the ex-Co-Captain on her college swim team, and a woman full of guts, she does.
From that point on the story is a rapid page turner as Joey strives to uncover the reason for her husband's maliciousness and moronic actions.
This beer is perfectly paired with the book for two reasons. Obviously the title (didn't I get lucky with this one?). But the name of their beer was inspired by fresh regional water issues in many parts of the West. The Brewery joined forces with Jonathan Waterman and his non-profit "Save the Colorado" (you must credit them with a very memorable website) to protect the watersheds. Maybe Joey Perrone's husband Chaz had a different idea for the swamps of South Florida, but at least that's all fiction and buying this beer will support a real life cause. And Joey would love this beer.

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