Blog = Book = Business

This week the catalog for our book, T-Shirts, bar ware, and accessories lands on the desks of buyers across the country. This was all in the master plan, we just didn't expect the plan to be executed quite so quickly! I can't help but think back to some of the naysayers we came across a few years ago when the final draft of the book was finished. It was always unsolicited, expressed by someone who had not read a word I'd written, and as some of you may remember from my tweets after the last quote, occasionally tear-provoking.

"I just don't think women are that interested in bartending."

"If I were you, I'd consider writing a women's book about life instead. This just seems too specific."

"You should rewrite your book to be about women and alcohol. Like the history."

Luckily we didn't listen to any of that advice...we listened to you! Thanks for wearing our T-Shirts, buying our books, and just being the amazing (drinking) community that you are!

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