Vegas Baby.

Well folks, I braved New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas this year. I think the last time I visited sin city was about 10 years ago for a bachelorette party. I’d forgotten what great people watching that town has to offer, and what a mix of people are drawn there. We saw sad looking folks slumped over slot machines with cigs-in-hand, suit wearing high rollers, women stuffed into tiny cocktail dresses sipping on gallon sized daiquiris, 60 year-olds dressed to the nines, infants in strollers, and one man who was at the same slot machine for 24 hours, having won $1,000...twice.

Food and drink were definitely the weekend’s highlights. We were impressed by Yellowtail at the Bellagio, Craftsteak at MGM, and discovered that the Tropicana has had an impressive face lift, and boasts an excellent breakfast buffet. Our casino gambling was limited to Black Jack and video poker, and fortunately the free drinks we were served while playing helped take the edge off our losses.

There’s a general dark quality about Las Vegas that is both intriguing and depressing. Although it was a fun trip filled with novelty, two nights there is my max. I was happy to be back in my coastal town on New Year’s Day replenishing my smoke filled lungs with ocean breezes.

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