Casual Wine Tags

Your guests are on their way over, the drink of the night is wine, and you only have so many glasses and not a single damn drink charm in sight. How will you ever survive and maintain your reputation as Wonder Woman?!

Luckily there is no need to panic, especially if you're normal enough to hide one of those junk drawers in your home with odds and ends and bits and pieces of random stuff. This secret stash of mess will provide you with material to improvise with, preventing your guests from accidental wine swapping or worse, frantic, continuous dish washing.

I reached into my little basket of phone chargers, string, pencils, coins, paper clips, and sticky pads and found several possibilities. Some of my choices may seem odd, but think of them as good conversation starters, or even an activity for the early arrivals.

Photo #1: Striped plastic coated paper clips that come in a variety of colors. If your wine stem is too thick just change three together, and if you run out of color choices get creative with your patterns.

Photo #2: Fake flowers do come in handy. Pull off a little bud or group of petals and with some tiny hair bands, attach them to the stem.

Photo #3: This paper clip meets book mark has the perfect space for writing someone's name. Just be sure to keep the paper part on the outside of the glass and don't let anyone poke their eye out.

What will you come up with from your drawer? Take a photo and share it with us here or on our Facebook page.

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