The 6 Best Valentines Gifts for Her

Here are a few think-outside-the-chocolate-box Valentine's Day suggestions that are guaranteed to go over splendidly. I'm not saying not to give chocolate and roses...on days like this more is more. But if you really want to go above and beyond, these ideas will get you there.

Customized Cocktail 
Perhaps you've named a star after your sweetheart, or purchased an acre of endangered rain forest in her name. What's left but to commission a specially designed cocktail that captures the essense of who she is, or even carries her name? Contact us at for details.

Casa Noble's Anejo Tequila
The entire presentation is spectacular, starting with the royal purple box and ending with the unforgettable taste. This Casa Noble tequila has taken over fourteen years to produce, and that's just love right there in a bottle. The makers call it "their most perfect tequila" so surely it good enough for your valentine.

Catered Picnic
Call your local upscale grocery store like Whole Foods, Bristal Farms or Gelsons, and ask them to put together a special lunch. If they don't offer the packed picnic service, just pre-order some sandwiches, pick up delishous side salads, and select a decadent dessert. Don't forget an amazing bottle of wine to compliment the meal. I'd urge tucking in a little love letter or poem, but maybe that's just me.

Limited Edition Signed Cocktail Book
The color version of our book is soooo beautiful. Imagine how nice it will look on her home bar or coffee table, and the surprise she'll get from seeing a personalized note from the author and designer. The book can ship as late at Monday and arrives beautifully wrapped with a few extra goodies.

Silent Wine Refrigerator
If your Valentine enjoys wine then the WineEnthusiast's 12-bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator will be the appliance she didn't realize she was living without. With room for six whites on one side and six reds on the other, both with their own temperature controls, this little fridge (check out the stainless steel version too) will surely warm all four chambers of her heart.

Monthly Wine Club Subscription
This is the gift that literally keeps on giving. Zagat Wine Club experts will select a variety of 12 bottles of wine and deliver them to your doorstep via FedEx once a month. Zagat also offers an introductory price of $69.99, which includes four wine glasses from Luigi Bormioli and a three-ring binder for tasting notes. Note that the price will jump to about $160.00 a month from then on, but you will not be disappointed by the selection.

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