Sherri Shepherd and the Clorox Lounge

On Friday night Clorox presented the finale to their online comedy competition, The Last Comic Sitting. Hosted by the one and only Sherri Shepherd, and staring finalists Frances Dilorinzo and Justin Worsham, this was a Hollywood night not to be missed.

About an hour before for the show I had the opportunity to sit down with Sherri and ask her a few questions. The theatre was buzzing with activity and the assistants and PR team working with her made it clear that there was not much time to chit chat. But you'd never know that the clock was ticking from talking to Sherri. She is one of the most relaxed, down-to-earth celebrities I've ever met. Warm, sincere, beautiful, and so, so funny. Basically the kind of person you'd like as a best friend.

Sherri Shepherd

During our conversation she talked mostly about motherhood...balancing career with children, managing family time while rehearsing intensely for Dancing with the Stars, working on The View, staring in her own TV know, every mom's day-to-day stuff. But when I asked her if she has ever locked herself in the bathroom with a cocktail or a bottle of wine she said that no, she hadn't, mostly because her son is a little too clever to let her get away with it.

"...I do the latch and [Jeffrey] goes, 'mommy mommy mommy' and the door slides open slowly and I'm going, what happened? So no, I've never done it because Jeffrey know how to pick a lock."

Val C, Dilorinzo & Shepherd

I considered suggesting that she and her husband change the locking contraption on the bathroom doors, but Sherri seems to be so well balanced that she doesn't need to pull the shenanigans that the rest of us do to get through a weeknight. I should probably start watching The View more. Bet I'd learn a lot from her.

After we spoke I hit the bar for a drink and then found my seat amongst good friends to enjoy a fabulous evening of comedy. The stage had an actual toilet in the middle of it (unused during the show thank goodness), but the comedians were light on the potty talk. That kind of humor would have required something stronger than the Cabernet.

Clorox has more exciting things in the works, so be sure to visit their website for to find out about events like this one!

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