Finding the Perfect Cocktail Name

Naming a cocktail is not a big deal. You just put the ingredients into the name or run with the first title that comes to mind. But for some reason I had a really hard time conjuring up the name of the cocktail I put together for the Saveur Blog Awards party in two weeks. Everything I jotted down onto a scrap of paper was garbage, which is probably just a result of taking cocktail naming quite so seriously.

Luckily I had the assistance of my sister and my friend Lauren. Jocelyn came up with a bunch of perfect names in seconds flat and helped me to narrow the list down to one. Then when it was time to commit to the drink's official name, and I started to have silly second thoughts, Lauren stepped in to assure me that Jocelyn's choice was indeed perfect. Goodness were my my choices terrible.

Here's the drink's ingredients: Moonshine Whiskey, organic grapefruit juice, homemade sweet and sour, and mint simple syrup. What name would you assign?

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The Peach Martini