Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed, This Girl Style

Yesterday I suggested serving breakfast in bed with a warm coffee or tea cocktail as a way to tell your wife, and the mother of your children, to truly relax. Now I've found the perfect coffee cup from which she may sip her lovely beverage: the Tiffany Bows Mug.

The bow will stay perfect forever (just keep the whole thing away from small hands), the box will never get soggy (I mean the china one you see in the picture), and every time you refill her cup it's like opening a Tiffany box all over again (kind of a lie but work with me). But having the kids paint a ceramic mug in a Color Me Whatever store will cost you the exact same amount, create tens times the headache, and will be exactly what every other woman is getting. This year, be different. Get the blue mug.

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