2012 Saveur Magazine Blog Awards party

Winners and finalists for Saveur Magazine's annual Best Food Blog Awards convened in New York City on Thursday night to celebrate great culinary writing, food photography, cooking videos, and recipes. This group of bloggers and a smattering of photographers, journalists, and actors crammed into the test kitchen to feast on the delicious food of Bellagio's chef Roy Ellamar which he rapidly served over the counter to a ravenous crowd.

It was a thrill to meet so many writers and put faces to the blogs I've started reading since the nominations were announced at the end of March. With their big personalities and quick-witted humor, everyone lived up to the reputation of their blog. It was great to witness the collective passion in the room for the art behind cooking and cocktails, demonstrated through animated conversation and repeated trips to the bar.

I had the great fortune to create the signature drink for the evening which my sister named Citrus Saveur. You may not have been lucky enough to have it served to you from Bellagio's star mixologist Diane, but it's an easy recipe to recreate at home.

Citrus Saveur
2 ounces clear corn whiskey (I vote for Moonshine)
1 ounce homemade sweet and sour
1 ounce organic grapefruit juice
3/4 ounce mint simple syrup
Mix ingredients together and strain over ice

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