Cocktail Blogger Meets Washing Machine

I'm sitting off on the side pouring wine
on a T-Shirt. Was that weird? ;) 

Recently I went to the premier of the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green (arrives in theaters August 15th) and have to say that it is a sweet, heart-warming movie with a wonderful message. But this ain't no kid's movie blog so let me get to the point.

The events before we hit the red carpet were sponsored by Frigidaire which just launched new machines that can complete a wash and dry cycle in a total of 45 minutes. But while other women were asking questions about Energy Star ratings, vibration control, and cycle customization I had one question: will the washer remove red wine stains?  Yes, the machine is good enough, tough enough, intelligent enough to even handle red red wine. Just when I thought I was done finding "must-haves" for the home bar, here comes a washing machine.

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