3-Ingredient Cocktails: Watermelon Vodka

It's the second day of a week of easy summer cocktails and I'm already getting in trouble for saying the season is almost over. Hey- just as department stores start selling scarves and hanging giant ornaments in late August, I've got to keep up with the demand to debut fall drinks before there's snow on the ground. I mean, can you imagine the embarrassment of drinking a summer drink in the fall? I must protect your reputation.

Yes, I joke. Who really cares what you drink when? As long as it tastes good, right? Think how stunningly festive this cocktail will look around the Thanksgiving table.

Watermelon Vodka
2 ounces vodka
2 ounces tonic water
2 ounces fresh water melon juice
Garnish with two lime wedges, squeezed and dropped into the drink (and pretend it's not the 4th ingredient)

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