Back to School Week: Pack That Drink This...Fruit Gummies

No lunch is complete without fruit gummies. Lucky for us Tasty Brand makes pouches of these organic fruit snacks for your cocktailing creativity. They're so delicious that I'd garnish a bottle of beer with them. Just try not to dump the whole lot in your mouth at once. It's such a waste of a pleasant experience and true foodies always savor their food, even when eating gummies.

Gummie infused vodka tastes like fruit punch so once you've made a batch, experiment with a variety of juices until you find your perfect drink. This cocktail is really going to connect you with your inner child. But not the real child because he's sitting comfortably on the bus when you're making these, right?

Gummie Punch
1 pouch Tasty Brand Organic Fruit Snacks
3 ounces vodka
Splash cranberry juice
Splash orange juice
Splash pineapple juice

Add gummies to the vodka and set aside until dissolved. Pout the vodka into a shaker and add the juices. Shake well with ice and strain into a martini shaker. Garnish with, duh...gummies.

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