Non-Fiction Friday: Very Unfocused Writing

The final draft is coming slowly but surely, usually between the hours of 5 and 7AM. Ok, more like between 6:25AM and 7:00AM by the time I'm finally out of bed and in decent newspaper collection clothing, drinking my perfectly measured hot cup of vanilla nut creamer. Then the day starts and that small, precious window of time when the world is so quiet that I wouldn't dare disrupt it with a cycle of whites ends and it's time to move on to reality. Did you know that Jonathan Franzen's reality is writing in a tiny office with his back to New York City on a computer with a disabled internet connection rendered unfixable by the severed ethernet cable he superglued in himself? No question I much prefer my reality. I've got it good all around. I just wish I could be a little more disciplined, like instead of bitching and complaining in this blog entry I started 20 minutes ago about how fast the early morning goes, I might have fixed a few more sentences in what I hope is the final draft of book 2. Blogger, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Email, Texts... I've kinda got no one to blame but myself for dragging out what should have been completed weeks ago. It's a cute little etiquette guide you'll want to put on your coffee table next to This Girl Walks Into a Bar. But hey wait! It's now 12:13 in the early morning. This is my chance to get something done! Let me just finish watching a teeny bit more of the Olympics and then I'll totally write something great.

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