Simple Wine & Soda Sangria (for One!)

Ideally sangria has time to sit for a few hours, allowing the fruit to marinate with the wine, sugar, and brandy. But this isn't a requirement and definitely shouldn't keep you from making a glass of sangria for one.

For my individual serving I tried replacing the brandy with one of the Cascal Fermented Sodas I was sent to try, and used honey instead of sugar for the sweetener. To hurry the flavors of the fresh fruit, I did have to gently press them into the glass with a spoon before adding the other ingredients. The drink tasted just as good as the traditional versions and required a lot less work. Always a plus!

Wine & Soda Sangria
2 ounces white wine
2 ounces Cascal Fermented Soda
(I used the Fresh Tropical flavor which lent itself well to this recipe)
1 teaspoon honey
Fresh apple, lemon, and lime slice
Carefully stir all the ingredients together before you sip.

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