End of Summer Picnic - CORKCICLE

Our friend Beth introduced us to Corkcicle, a useful gadget that helps keep your white wines chilled from the inside of the bottle. Say you're entertaining outdoors, and rather than hauling a bucket of ice with you, simply insert this cleverly designed device into your bottle to maintain the chill for up to an hour. Corkcicle can also be used to maintain the temperature of red wine, if say your bottle warms up too much.

The Corkcicle website is beautifully designed, as is the product itself. Choose from the classic Corkcicle, with a cork top, or select from an array of colors—to match your lipstick or shoes perhaps? The website boasts a very thorough and informative (aka long) video if you need further persuasion that this is one hell-of-a-great hostess gift! I'm sold.

Beth found hers at Uncorked, a great little wine bar/shop in Hermosa Beach, CA, however it's also available directly from the Corkcicle site.

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