Setting The Bar: Filming Has Started!

Amanda & Crew

Filming for the cocktail-themed show Setting The Bar has started! Jordan will be co-producing this fun series with Amanda Salem, her cocktail video partner for the AOL Patch series you may have seen.

Last week the crew inspected the primary location of the first episode and took footage of our "host's" home. The planning that goes into putting something like this together has a steep learning curve but it truly is a thrill of a ride to be on.

I watched as the crew planned out where the cameras would go, which windows would need to be covered to keep out the bright sunlight, which doors would need to be removed for easier maneuvering,  where cameras would be stationed for continuous filming, and what not to wear. I didn't want to put on red anyway.

Jordan and Amanda

The next update on this endeavor will be at the end of October, but you can subscribe early to our YouTube Channel at Setting the Bar TV!

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