THIS GIRL'S Pick of the WEEK: Hi*Ball Sparkling Water

This soda slash energy drink was discovered Saturday on the sidelines of a 5-year-old's AYSO soccer game. It's definitely an unusual place to see a mom drinking from a can with the same name as the popular cocktail glass called a "highball," so I just had to ask her what it was and where I could get it.

A few hours later after shopping at Whole Foods I had three of the Hi-Ball flavors in my cart and guzzled a Vanilla Sparkling Energy Water on the way home. This morning I'm on my way to get more.

These are the most understated sodas I've tasted to date and I like them...a lot. For the zero-calorie, zero-sugar cans, imagine drinking soda water with the essence of grapefruit, wildberry, lemon-lime, or vanilla. Now visualize adding an ounce and a half of vodka, whiskey, or rum with a lemon twist and you've got yourself a skinny cocktail under 100 calories.

And then of course there's the energy factor. Each soda contains a small amount of caffeine, guarana, and ginseng to keep you going without all the junk. Remember nine years ago when a vodka Red Bull was all the rage? Clearly we've come a long way from that, and ordering a vodka Hi-Ball just sounds better.

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