The Cocktail Menu for Halloween: Option #1

Our Halloween tradition involves several families gathering together for a big pizza dinner, cocktails, and then of course, trick-or-treating. Although the venue this year has changed (we get to host!), the simple dinner and drinks will stay the same. The first cocktail I'll offer will be a tray of small punch servings, premade for convenience. It's a vodka drink with pomegranate liqueur and organic juices, and isn't nearly as sweet as the candy you'll secretly be raiding from the kids' bags (in the name of preventing tooth decay of course).

Pomegranate Punch (serves 10 thirsty people) 20 ounces vodka 10 ounces PAMA pomegranate liqueur 10 ounces sugar-sweetened organic cherry juice 5 ounces  sugar-sweetened organic cranberry juice Squeeze of half a lemon Pomegranate sugared rim (optional)


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