THIS GIRL'S Pick of the Week: HOST Adjustable Aerator

We've found the most amazing little device here with Host's Adjustable Aerator. Those of you who know wine understand that different wines benefit from different lengths of air exposure. Because wines with more tannins typically need more time to breathe, the traditional method of pouring wine into a decanter so the wine can "open up" may require several hours. But once dinner is served and hot on the table, it's hard to convince people to wait several hours for their glass of wine. Host's Adjustable Aerator eliminates this problem by allowing people to choose the number of hours they'd ideally like to decant a wine by swiveling the top half of the aerator to numbers 1 - 6, which each represent the number of hours equivalent to decanting it.

It is easy to use, smartly designed, and a must-have for every serious wine connoisseur.


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